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Everything is still all about Ifish, but I have to write! I must!

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Photo by D. Jensen
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

Feb 14th, 2019
Happy Valentines Day!

Let me know if you want me to write here. :)
If you don't have an email client open, it's

September 9th, 2018

Good morning, campers!
I have to do something new. I want to do something exciting!
As anyone can tell that is following along her on Nwangling, I'm not keeping up on this.
I keep thinking something will come to me, but I haven't had any great strokes of gen ious. Perhaps those leave you after a certain age?!? That's one thing I'm thinking!
I don't know if it's true, but I always thought things I did in life that I felt great about just fell in my lap. You know, cool things to do, but that's not true. I remember long, arduous hours of studying HTML, and likewise, hour after hour at the piano, hammering out long runs and difficult passages of music. So, no. They don't just happen.
OMGosh. That's it! I have to study something! Learn something new! But, first, (it's all coming back to me, now!) -you have to have passion burning in you for something!
The recipe for success begins with passion!
You know, I liked music.... I don't know that I was passionate about it, though. I always felt it was kind of pushed on me, due to the fact that I had talent in music, or so my parents and teachers said.
So, either you have to have passion or natural born talent in something, in order to do well at something.
With music, I had to study and practice and all of the sudden, someone walked into my life that wanted to do something with it. I didn't go searching for an opera singer. She came to me! LOL.
She heard me in a practice room before class at Clatsop College, and she knocked on the door and said, "Hey Lady! Let's play music together!" And so we did.
Off we went into the big world, to study and play together. That was so fun! I would say, however, that Nancy, my opera singer, had more passion than I did. She wore the pants in the project. I kind of went along for the ride. She found the gigs. She picked me up in Tux (our touring Cadillac) and drove me to destinations, far and wide. I had totally forgotten about Tux!
So, that's what I'm doing, lately. I'm searching... There has got to be something that I can do, now. Along with millions of other 55 ish people who have either retired out of their jobs, or otherwise moved on, we are searching for our lives, again. I have so many friends in this same situation. I'm not giving up! I'm not too old! Dangit! I've been blessed with life past the age where I was supposed to expire, so I'm not going to waste one minute of it!
If anyone has any great ideas... anything out there that is missing that I could do on the web... let me know!
Do we need another fishing discussion board? I don't think so. There is, and it's not mine, any longer.
That much is very clear to me, these days!
Not only is fishing not as good as it was when I began the Ifish project, but now there are so many opportunities for sharing information on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, so, so many things- that there has got to be something else... something new... something exciting out there for me!
Let's put our brains together! Let me know if you have an idea, and I have the tools that you need to complete it!
...and let's do something great!

July 30, 2018

There is so much free space on this page to fill. I really can't wait! I have so many plans!
Yesterday I finally caved and wrote on this domain. It wasn't easy after over 20 years on ifish, but I did it!
There is nothing I want more than to write on ifish, but I guess it's just not possible.
New beginnings..

July 29, 2018

I'm back at the coast, after a week in the heat of the city. It was kind of nice, actually. I worked in the morning, then packed up my float toy and Willie in my car, and headed for the Willamette.
I have this place I go, where hardly anyone else goes. That's hard to find on the river on a sunny day! In fact, one day I went and no one was around at all! I was wondering if there was some kind of sewer-swimming alert!
But, no. People were skiing and that awful jet boat thing that they talk people into riding delighted in trying to run me off the beach.
I was three feet or so from the water, lazily consuming rays and reading a book, when they did a run really close to me. The waves washed my blanket away!
I wasn't happy, and I glared at them in a way to portray this very emotion.
I could hear laughter from the boat. Dangit.
I moved up the beach a bit, and they did it again, except yet closer to the shore. I knew then, that I was a game for the tourists. I could almost hear the driver saying to the crowd, "Let's see if we can get this woman to move again!"
Yes. They got me to move.
Four times.
Oh, what fun it is to be 13 years old, I thought to myself.
Why is this fun for people?
OK. Do I sound like an old lady? Yes! LOL
On the other hand, Willie had a blast in the waves, and thought it was great fun!
So, here I sit in Tillamook, freezing! I'm now acclimated to 100 degree temperatures, and I woke to a chilly 60 degrees or so. I grabbed my fuzzy bathrobe and padded down to get coffee.
Home, sweet (chilly) home.
I actually smelled Fall in the air, when I got here! I also saw one leaf fall from a tree, to remind me that it was coming!
The dogs danced around my feet, as I made it down the stairs. They know full well what is next. I can imagine that Revvie misses our morning traditions when I'm gone.
Poor thing. She's getting older, and she is so skinny! We keep trying to feed her something with a lot of calories, but when we do, her little tummy can't handle rich people food, and in the middle of the night, leaves messes on the floor for us to clean. My carpet shampooer is getting quite the use. (YUCK) No more gravy, Rev!
I guess the ocean is finally in good spirits, and is calm enough for small crafts to cross the bar, and venture out for whatever you desire.
Although the weather has been beautiful in the past weeks, the ocean has been pretty nasty, until this week.
I read somewhere that this week is the nicest week of the year, so far, to be out on the ocean. That spoke to me!
Some are going out quite a ways because the word "tuna!" is being tossed around.
Some of the commercial boats are coming in, fully loaded with them! It's always an exciting time of year! I really want to go! Can you even believe I have NEVER fished for tuna!?
The "Shake and Bake" boat invited me, last year. I'm waiting for it to get a little further into tuna! season, before I mention it, again. :) I can't wait!
If anyone wonders, the exclamation point behind every time I mention "Tuna!" is fully intended.
Several years ago, when Tuna! first caught on, on ifish, it was a "thing" to add the exclamation point after it. I like that. Tuna! Tuna! I love Tuna!
Enough Tuna! Talk, except that I'm tired of being left behind, and I'm putting a stop to that. It's time for Jennie to go Tuna! fishing!
What a great name for a domain for me. "Left Behind".
No more "Left Behind" for Jennie. I'm going fishing!!

July 16, 2018

It's been absolutely killing me not to be able to write, so there is now Northwest Angling! I keep accidentally saying, but that's Jack Glass.
I was so excited when I came across this domain for sale, as I'd been searching for one for quite a while. When I finally hit purchase, I got to thinking what else could be close that is already developed.
Thank God, so far, no one that has anything close cares. I wrote to any that I could find, offering to change this. But, so far, so good!

Lol... The guy that sold me the domain at godaddy referred to my site as ""
Let's all go wangling, today!
Anyway, so yay! I get to write!

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So much free space to fill!

I can't wait!